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UAPX Features are:


Deep Starry Sky, Golden Starry Sky, Blueish Starry Sky, Big Stars Sky, Nebulae and Starry Sky, Inside of Pixel Galaxy, Outside of Pixel Galaxy, to Close to Central Pixel Blackhole,  Boundaries of Pixel Universe Inside Different Universe.


Common Cockpit, Deep Space Cockpit, Bubble Cockpit, Fighter Cockpit, Overseer Cockpit.


Detached conduct,  Planet Debris, Broken Wire,  Red Little Flag, Escorting Drones, Alien Explorer, Scanning Beam, Handling Robot Arms, Laser Cannons,
UAPx Companion Fleet.


Common Metal Disk, Meta-Material Disk, Fighter Disk,
Polished Disk, Ancient Disk, Interstellar Disk, Normie Disk, Overseer Disk, Elegant Disk, Flashy Golden Disk.


Planet D1Mora, Planet Home Base, Toxic Planet,  Planet Luna, Hot Planet,  Planet Awesome (according to Overlords), Planet to Recharge Fuel for Cheap, Abandoned Planet, Artificially Made Planet, Planet Terra.

Rays (Beams)

 Common Beam ,Dual Beam,  Stereotypical Beam to Confuse Humans, LFG Beam, Out of Here Beam, Hypervelocity Beam, Crooked Beam

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